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Create karaoke songs by adding and syncing lyrics.
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Play and manage a wide range of media file types, movies and CD G on your Mac. Add, customize, and sync text with audio files, tweak the pitch shifting and time stretching parameters in real time. Mix MIDI files, apply GS effects, convert and export your karaoke projects.

QMidi Pro is a karaoke and MIDI player that comes with various convenient features. In this regard, the application lets you play not only various types of audio files but also CD+G and videos. In fact, the tool supports playing any format playable on OSX Core Audio and AVFramework. It is very easy to use but, if you want to exploit all its features to the fullest, it is a good idea to study the online help.

The application has an intuitive interface composed of various separate windows, such as Playback, Karaoke, Mixer and Library, which can be moved and even hidden. In the case of the karaoke window, it is possible to view it in full-screen mode or on a second monitor.

It is excellent that the player allows organizing all supported files by scanning given folders and adding their contents to a library. Thus, it is quite easy to create a playlist. When playing the list, there are the regular playback controls to play, pause, stop, move forward, rewind and repeat the songs. Moreover, in case there are problems, the application lets you synchronize text and chords. I also love the opportunity to generate standalone karaoke movies from text and CDG files.

By opening QMidi Pro’s mixer window, it is possible to adjust playback volume, tempo and pitch. Luckily, it also supports stretching time and shifting pitch live as well as adding effects like pan, reverb and chorus.

All in all, QMidi Pro is an excellent choice for all karaoke lovers. This shareware product also has a more affordable standard version. However, this Pro version has additional features, like synced playback of audio/video and MIDI as well as MTC (MIDI Time code) synchronization. Unfortunately, it has a limitation related to the operating system version you are using. So, if you run the tool in macOS Catalina, you will not be able to convert any video in an outdated format.

Pedro Castro
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  • Plays a wide range of files
  • Generates standalone karaoke movies from text and CDG files
  • Multi-page PDF files display and synchronization
  • Time stretch, pitch transpose, chord transpose with the ability to export changes
  • Music library and playlist
  • MIDI mixer, GS effects
  • Play audio/video and MIDI in sync
  • MTC (MIDI Time code) sync


  • On macOS Catalina, it cannot convert any video in an outdated format
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