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View and analyse the contents of audio files.
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Apollo Vibes, LLC
Create, play and print sheet music with beats, bars, and phrases. Detect beats, compose a structure of a song, and generate beat-locked loops using audio samples. Access a huge online song annotation databases maintained by other users and upload your song annotations.

Transitions Player is a very interesting music annotation program. This software will enable you to note your music with beats, bars, and phrases, allowing you to create and visualize the structure of a music file. Transitions Player will let you precisely seek or create beat-locked loops on music samples.

Transitions Player is a powerful application that uses complex algorithms for beat detection in order to establish the low-level musical structure of a song. This feature is especially useful to music composers or DJ's since it allows them to create a comprehensive database of songs structure, similar to lyrics or guitar tab databases that they use. Transitions Player will also allow you to access a very extensive online community-created song annotation database. Moreover, you will even be able to upload your own song annotations to the online database so that others may benefit from your work.

To sum it all up, Transitions Player is a simple-to-use and feature-rich music annotation program that will allow you to note your music with beats, bars, and phrases.

Mario Procione
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  • Provides access to a database that contains annotations submitted by other users
  • Free application
  • Includes an efficient searching tool


  • Poor to non-existent customization options
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