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Monitor and manage IT resources remotely and fix IT issues.
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Pulseway is intended for remote IT monitoring and management. The tool together with the services that power it helps you detect, monitor and solve possible IT issues before they become a more serious problem. Logically, this product is not for the end-user but IT staff. The application runs almost unnoticeably from the Menu Bar, from where you can access its settings.

Pulseway supports automating processes, accessing desktops remotely and monitoring the desired applications. It offers various collaboration tools that let you share files, chat with other users, share screens and record a work session. Likewise, it can generate reports on the state of your IT infrastructure.

It is complemented with other apps that you can install on your mobile devices to access servers and workstations at a distance. What is more, you do not even need to install any client tool as it also works as a web app that you can run on your standard browser. Finally, most users are logically concerned about security, so it is a relief to know that two-factor authentication is used, which minimizes the possibilities of your connection getting hacked.

The app and the services, in general, have some drawbacks. For instance, you would expect more detailed reports. Similarly, when monitoring a database, it only supports Microsoft SQL Server.

All in all, Pulseway provides a very complete set of tools to manage IT resources. In this respect, it is good that it lets you manage mobile assets. The application is free; however, the services behind it are available in three different plans: Free, Starter and Team. Regrettably, the free plan is so limited that I find it logical you would like to upgrade to one of the paid ones.

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  • Works on various operating systems
  • Supports mobile devices
  • Provides web access
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Multiple collaboration tools


  • Supports Microsoft SQL Server only
  • Limited reports

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