Sofortbild 1.7

Transfer and manage Nikon DSLR camera models from your Mac.

Sofortbild is a MacOS desktop application that provides users the means to manage Nikon DSLR camera models. Once you've connected the Nikon camera to your system, the app automatically transfers the images from the camera to the Mac device, where you can further analyze and customize the image.

Visually, Sofortbild has a minimalistic GUI, with a mixture of grey and red colors, all wrapped in a simple main menu. The tabs could've been better polished and the font style could've been different.

The app does encapsulate a few important features, such as Remote Camera Control, Instant Image Review or Auto Image Import. The Remote Camera Control is able to recognize the connected camera and provides information about the lens name, focal length, focus mode, or battery status.
With Auto Image Import, the pictures are automatically imported in the app's library, where users can create albums and edit them.
Last but not least, the Instant Image Review feature previews images in a highly optimized image viewer, so you can easily review image pixels and colors.

All things considered, Sofortbild is a reliable Mac utility for users who work with Nikon cameras. It doesn't imply any costs and it's very easy to use. Therefore, you should give it a try.

John Saunders
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  • Includes Remote Camera Control
  • Automatically imports images
  • Comes with an optimized image viewer


  • Has poorly polished menu tabs
  • Comes with a badly chosen text style
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