Processes 1.0

This app helps you manage system processes on your Mac.
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Processes is a program for Mac designed to help you monitor and manage running processes and apps within your system. By working with this application you can learn which programs use most CPU and memory resources, pause and resume apps, force quit processes, etc.

Once you launch the tool you have access to a list containing all running apps and processes. You can sort the items according to your needs (by ID, CPU or memory usage), check their opened files, and see the Internet connections for any process within that list.

A good aspect is that the program lets you pause, resume or force quit any process with just one click. Plus, you can monitor the CPU and memory usage and read the description for any running app.

The only disadvantage I could find while testing the application was the fact that it occasionally ran slow.

To sum things up, this program proves to be a smart addition to my collection of apps as it provides a simple way to monitor system processes. The application comes with a simple and intuitive interface, offers you plenty of useful system info, and comes with a reasonable price.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Helps you monitor and manage system processes
  • You can pause and resume apps
  • Lets you check the network connections for each process


  • Occasionally runs slow
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