PrivacyScan 1.3

This Mac program helps you remove privacy threats.
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PrivacyScan is an app that brings you a simple and effective way to clear browsing traces, the recent item lists, and other privacy threats. This program permanently deletes these information from your system and prevents other users from checking data that you need to keep private.

At first application launch, a setup assistant guides you in configuring the program's settings. With its help you can select which type of data to delete after the scan is complete, such as browsing history, recent searches, and many other. However, you can always change these options by going to Preferences menu.

I recommend you to close the apps which will be scanned for possible privacy threats, otherwise, the scan process won't start at all. In just a few moments, the program offers you a list with all found threats and you can decide which ones should be permanently removed from your system.

A good thing about working with this program is that it will not only clear all privacy threats from your Mac but it also help you reclaim space on your drive.

To conclude, PrivacyScan is a handy program that immediately and permanently removes privacy threats from your system. This app is very simple to use, brings easy-to-configure scan settings, and comes with an affordable price.

Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Helps you find and remove files that could compromise your privacy
  • Fast processing speed


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