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Free Recovers storage space and preserves your privacy by deleting junk data.
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Clean Me is intended to clean your system from unneeded data. The tool’s graphic user interface makes it extremely straightforward. It consists of a series of switches you can toggle on and off, which correspond to different system areas and types of files that record your activities.

When you open the tool, some switches appear activated by default. Thus, most common cleaning operations, like emptying the Trash, erasing document revisions and deleting downloaded files, do not require any extra step. Then, there are other advanced options you may also like to enable, including various types of logs, history and cache files as well as indexing files and user preferences. The tool analyzes your system very fast and provides results as to how much disk space could be recovered with the deletion.

Although this does not make it less useful, the operations related to reestablishing system performance supported by Clean Me are restricted to deleting probably useless data. Regrettably, compared with other similar tools, Clean Me does not allow optimizing system parameters and removing data left behind by uninstalled apps, for instance.

All in all, Clean Me is useful for recovering storage space. Likewise, it contributes to preserving your privacy by deleting traces of your activities. Fortunately, this product is open source, which means its code can be inspected to prevent any secret doors.

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  • Cleans many types of unnecessary data
  • Fast and accurate system analysis


  • Only deletes probably unneeded data. Does not perform any other action with an impact on performance


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