Perfect365 is a program that helps you edit portraits.
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Perfect365 is a simple yet effective portrait editing application that helps you improve the visual quality of your pictures. By using this program, you can hide blemishes and birthmarks, change the makeup, and alter the eyebrow's shape in a photo portrait.

The app brings you an intuitive interface with easy to configure image editing tools, so any user who wants to modify portraits can handle it. You can use 3 offered samples to test the program's capabilities and see how the built-in tools work. Afterwards, you can load your own portrait and make the necessary adjustments.

A good thing about working with this program is that it allows you to set the key points of your picture according to your needs (set the nose, chin, eyes, and lips position).

However, the acquiring price of this application seems a bit too high to me. The app comes with some disadvantages: it doesn't bring you a tool to help you hide blemishes by hand, you get tacky results when changing the eyebrows settings, and the program supports only two output formats (JPG and TIFF).

To conclude, my belief is that you can find more effective and cheaper solutions when it comes to portrait editing.

Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports various input formats
  • Gives you access to various portrait adjustments tools
  • You can adjust the key points according to your needs


  • Pricey
  • Tacky results when changing the shape of your eyebrows
  • Doesn't offer you a tool to help you hide blemishes by hand
  • Supports only two output formats (JPG and TIFF)
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