Network Logger Pro 7.01

Active network testing tool for documenting outages of both your Internet connection and Web sites.
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Network Logger Pro is an active network testing tool for documenting outages of both your Internet connection and Web sites. It also produces charts and logs of URL speeds over long periods of time.
You can export network performance graphs as PDFs and quickly show tech support what you are experiencing in a way that enables them to understand what's going on at a glance. Everyone we know who has shown Network Logger output to their service provider has had their problems solved immediately.
An optional speech synthesis feature announces when your Internet connection goes down and up which can be handy when you are working on your network in another room and saves you from walking back and forth to check your network status. Features Network Outage Log Website Outage Logs Website Transmission Speed Graphs Website Response Time Graphs Export Graphs as PDFs Export Logs as .log Files Save and Resume Sessions
How often do you experience outages on your Internet connection? Network Logger will tell you. Are you getting the speed and uptime you are paying for on your Internet connection and Web sites? Do they slow down before, during, or after specific holidays or times of year?
You can also use Network Logger to graph the speed of your Internet connection over time if you enter an appropriate speed test URL. The manual provides details on how to do this.
A screen full of Network Logger windows creating graphs as multiple URLs are monitored also looks great in a data center or as a prop on a movie set.
Get the information you need to speak knowledgeably with your Internet provider, Web hosting service, IT staff and other geeks. Network Logger provides an easy way to record and share the facts.

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