URLfriend 1.0

HyperCard stack opens any URL; full-screen notes
1.0 (See all)

With one full-page, full-screen card for each URL, it-- Opens any URL in any browser; and enables instant switching among browsers; Helps you keep very detailed notes on every one; Generates a clickable category list, showing number of URLs in each category, and then sublists of each URL therein, clickable to the URL card itself; Enables easy massaging of outdated URLs without losing the original, needed for archival search in "The Wayback Machine"; Can create cross referenced links between duplicate or separate URL cards; Can sort URL cards: by title, by URL, by category, by first visit, by last visit, by web-page date, by browser, by your "star" rating, by 'who': author, webmaster, etc.; Plus other tweaks and knacks: 6 specialized 'Find' buttons for the stack, besides HyperCard's own cmd-F Toggle button (back and forth between 2 cards) Special button for automatic copy-paste of old URL in The Internet Archive's "Wayback Machine" for quick retrieval of defunct websites Button for automatic date plus note-entry position at start or end of Notes field Automatic re-formatting hot-key for copy-pasted material (ever try to copy white type from a web page?) Any card can include other hotlinks to Web besides its main URL Has a large-format design (7 1/2 x 10 3/4) with vivid user-friendly lettering and buttons Stack window is slightly smaller than screen; remains always open for instant switching between it and one or more open browsers Slow-or-fast 'skim-card' option, for the whole stack, or given category Choice of browser on every card, independent of any other card

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