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MySQL Launcher 1.3

MySQL Launcher comes with many changes inside and outside the code.
1.3 (See all)
Pietro Pugni

MySQL Launcher comes with many changes inside and outside the code. I solved many problems related to the dynamic loading of the official MySQL libraries. Now, MySQL Launcher is compatible with i386 and x86_64 architectures and is indipendent from the MySQL version installed on your system.

I’ve added many features:
display real time information about the running server;
execute any kind of query and display the result in a dynamic table;
coloured dolphin in the status bar, that changes colour exactly as the application icon in the dock if the server is running or is stopped;
display a history list of all the executed queries available from the main window and in the status menu.

MySQL Launcher 1.3 uses BWToolkit, created by Brandon Walkin.

Note that the main difference between MySQL Launcher and the official preference pane released with any OS X MySQL distribution, is that MySQL Launcher doesn’t query the server, because it works on a operative system level. The preference pane, instead, queries every second the server. You can see this by using MySQL Launcher and observing the number of executed query when the preference pane is open and when it’s closed. This means that leaving MySQL Launcher opened you don’t overload the server.

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