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MnemoniX is an addictive game of memory and matching.
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MnemoniX is a game of memory and matching. This game can hook you like a new bag of Doritos.
It offers a wide variety of features to tailor the game to your tastes. By changing tile sets, the collection of images that are being matched up is changed. Changing to a new game variant will alter the rules of the game allowing selection of a wide variety of challenging options. By selecting the tile set and game variant, the difficulty of the game can be adjusted to match your ability level.

There are several different games all within MnemoniX, and many different, beautiful tile sets, including a very beautiful set of flower images.

MnemoniX provides both Windowed & Full Screen display modes, and an Aqua interface featuring the "Chrome" theme for the game skin. HextriX includes full Mac Help, including strategy tips and a description of the rules of the game. The game also includes an animated dock icon.

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