Massive 1.5

Produce bass music and apply effects to it.
Access the default library with 1300 audio samples and 85 predefined wavetables and produce bass and electro music. Apply custom effects and use the built-in modulation oscillator, ring modulator, phase modulator and noise generator to customize your sound signals.

Massive is a piece of software for those who are into composing music, offering a large number of sounds to experiment with and appropriate tools for modulating them and enriching them with effects.
The sound synthesizer will of course be the tool of the trade. Each oscillator included in the utility provides two distinct waves that can be mixed together upon choice. Eighty-five wave tables are made available and about 1300 sounds can be obtained. Aside from the large number of sounds that can be created with it, it also offers good speed for creating them. This is one of the reasons for the program to be appropriate for live performances.

Those who are into drum'n'bass and dubstep music styles could find a particular interest in this program, as it should probably meet their needs. The integrated step sequencers and audio effects can be used in order to create amazing tunes. Music composers can also include in their projects various audio samples that come with this application. A sound modulation feature is also implemented.

Massive is a complex piece of software for creating sounds and turning them into music, one that can be recommended for live performances as well.

Margie Smeer
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  • About 1300 sounds can be obtained
  • Multi-mode filters are included
  • Eighty-five available wavetables
  • Step sequencer included


  • It won't be installed in Applications so you could probably open it from Spotlight
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