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Free This handy application is a document manager for Mac.
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MagicanDocument is a small yet effective application that helps you organize the files within your Mac into categories in minimum time. This program automatically classifies your files according to a selected archetype, like size, format type, contents or spotlight comment.

The developer doesn't offer you a direct download link on its homepage, therefore you need to install the Magican program (from the same developer), launch it, and in the Toolbox menu you will find the MagicanDocument installer. This task might prove to be time-consuming for users who only wish to install the MagicanDocument app on their Macs.

In order to create your own file categories, you need to select which rules apply for the files you wish to organize. For instance, if you want for MagicanDocument to find and display all JPG images created today, you select two search filters: Kind -> Images -> JPG and Date created -> Is exactly -> type date.

After MagicanDocument finds the necessary files, you can preview the results, send them to trash or export all files to any folder location within your Mac.

To conclude, MagicanDocument is a program that proves to be of great use when it comes to organizing large amount of files within a Mac. It's very simple to use, efficiently classifies and exports files, and it's free.

AG Senior editor
Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Automatically lists all documents in categories
  • You can gather files from different locations
  • Comes with a built-in search tool


  • The program can be installed from the Magican app only (no download link provided on the homepage of the developer)



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  • Organize files software free
  • Task management tool
  • Microsoft office