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This application helps you check the CPU usage of your Mac.
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MaCPU Monitor is an attractive application that helps you check the CPU usage of your Mac. In addition, the utility provides you with information about the RAM consumption and the network condition, but only after purchasing the corresponding modules.

The program installs in the menu bar of your system for easy app access and management. Although the interface displays switchable tabs corresponding to the already-mentioned functions, only the CPU section can be used for free. Therefore, the CPU module showcases, in an animated and appealing window, inside information about your processor. Namely, the application offers handy statistics, so you can see at a glance how active each core of your CPU is. A catchy donut-like chart gives you a clear view of the CPU functionality. This way, you have the ability to check how much the processor is being used by the user apps, how much is taken by the system, and what portion is left free. Furthermore, the tool displays the top five apps that squeeze out your system's resources. Surprisingly, the MaCPU Monitor software program was included in this list during my testing.

To conclude, this application lets you monitor the CPU status of your Mac. Consequently, you can make literate decisions about closing those apps and running processes that dry up your computer's resources.

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  • Attractive display of information
  • You can see how active each core is
  • Lists top five high consumers
  • Chart displaying the user's and the CPU usage


  • Only the CPU module is available for free
  • Annoying ads
  • High resource consumer



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