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DiskLibrary is a file cataloging tool for the Mac.
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DiskLibrary is a file cataloging tool for the Mac. Just like you catalog pictures, music or movies so that you always know where they are and so that you can find them easily when you need them, this application lets you do the same but with files. Of course, music and movies are files, and they can also be catalogued with this app.

One of the nice things about DiskLibrary is that it lets you add files from external media into your library. The data can come from external hard drives, CDs, DVDs or even flash memory. The complete file structure of the media that you imported will be saved.

There are many other interesting features. For example, DiskLibrary can create snapshots of pretty much any video file and your photos. It even can retrieve album art from MP3 and AAC files. Snapshots make the file search much easier. Perhaps the killer feature that makes this application really useful is its search. It allows you to find any file that you have imported, regardless of its location. It can also be used to search inside archive files, like ZIP or RAR files. The search feature paired with Quick Look support is a great tool.

The only thing that I didn't like about this app is that there isn't a welcome screen that would explain you how the program works. You are just thrown there to figure it all out by yourself.

José Fernández
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  • Many features
  • Fast importing
  • Quick look support


  • No welcome screen or practical on-screen help
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