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Keyboard Maestro 3.1

Keyboard Maestro allows you to control applications, type keys...
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Primarily Keyboard Maestro is a macro program. A macro consists of a sequence of actions and a set of triggers. When any of the triggers occur, Keyboard Maestro executes the actions. Keyboard Maestro provides a large range of actions that allow you to control applications, type keys, click the mouse, resize windows, control I Tunes, execute scripts and much more. Keyboard Maestro also provides a range of triggers, the most common being the Hot Key trigger, but you can also trigger a macro by typing a string, when an application launches or quits, at a specific time, from a floating macro palette, from your iPhone, via the built-in web server, or using AppleScript. Keyboard Maestro also provides access to a powerful window switcher, program switcher, and clipboard history, allowing you to store and later paste more than just one clipboard, as well as multiple named clipboards. Keyboard Maestro can automate and streamline a wide variety of tasks.

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