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Improve your keyboard typing skills while learning to type with all ten fingers.
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Keyboard Virtuoso Free is a handy application that helps you improve your keyboard typing skills. The course includes both warm-up tasks and multiple lessons with exercises that help you practice typing using all your ten fingers. After completing the course, you will be pleased to notice that you not only type faster but also can stoke the keys without looking at the keyboard.

The program opens with a bar-like interface that displays 5 modules with attractive icon-like appearances. You will find a training section that first asks you to go through a series warm-up exercises and then lets you practice typing within multiple lessons. Each lesson offers comprehensive explanations regarding your hands' position over the keyboard and indicates the finger to use for each key of the keyboard. The written explanations are coupled with a color-based visual representation of the keyboard keys in relation to the correspondent fingers of your hands. A task is considered completed if you make no more than two errors; otherwise, you need to repeat it. This means that you can't go to the next lesson if the current task is performed inappropriately. Your performance is monitored permanently and saved as a smart report. This way, the statistics can inform you about the passed exercises, the typed characters, the average speed in beats per minute, the average rhythm in percentages, and the average score. Since the application supports registering multiple users that can authenticate with a personal password, each user can track their progress privately.

Besides learning what finger you need use for striking specific keys, keeping a constant typing rhythm is also an important issue. The tool comes to your help with a handy metronome that warns you acoustically when to press the indicated keys. You have the ability to configure the metronome so it can fit your typing speed. In addition, you can enable the program to release a sound when typing errors are detected. Unfortunately, the app has few sounds available and it doesn't support importing your favorite ones.

To conclude, Keyboard Virtuoso Free helps you achieve keyboarding mastery through multiple typing tasks that you need to complete. The utility lets you practice custom typing in terms of speed and rhythm, which you can increase gradually to gain proficiency.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Comprehensive explanations about how to type faster
  • Configurable metronome to keep a constant typing rhythm
  • Color-based visual representation of fingers vs. keys
  • Track your typing progress


  • Can't import custom sounds to be used as acoustic notifications
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