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iResizer is an application that lets you resize images.
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iResizer is an application that lets you resize images. It can process a single image at a time as well as supports batch processing. You can load images by either clicking on the "+" sign at the bottom of the screen or by dragging and dropping the images onto the interface. The graphical user interface consists of three different tabs. The first one lets you add images and preview them. The second one contains the resizing option. Here you can establish a new resolution for your images. You can do this by assigning a new width and height value in pixels, percentage, inches or millimeters. You can also set the changes to be proportional and change the resolution (in dpi). The "Saving" tab lets you change the destination for the resized images, and it lets you change the naming convention to be used. By default, the app keeps the old name plus the extension. But you can change this to a new name plus a number and the extension. Here, you can also change the format and compression settings.

In my testing, without touching many parameters, I got varied results. I resized a 350kb image to 90% of its size and it ended up being a bigger file than the original image. Then I changed the compression settings and it worked better. I think the app should have a preview feature to see how much your images are going to weigh before you process them.

José Fernández
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  • It is free
  • It works rather well


  • It could use a preview feature
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