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Free An easy-to-use file transfer application that supports multiple protocols.
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An easy-to-use file transfer application with support of multiple formats, including cloud storage, such as Amazon S3 and Google Storage. This application makes downloading and uploading files from and to the remote internet location very easy. Just establish the connection, then drag and drop the files you want to upload or to download.

I found this application is extremely easy to use. Literally, you can start entering the remote connection credential, as soon as the application starts versus most other solutions require you to hit a button to add a new connection. I used an FTP protocol to my online storage vault. The program connected to that service without much problems and quickly displayed the folders in that location. Uploading the files was fairly quick and easy as well; all you need to do is to select the file you want to upload, drag and drop them onto the remote location window. The default view of the folders is similar to windows - you find files within the folder, but the program offers you up to 4 different views, so you can use the one you like.

The application supports various connection protocols, including WebDAVS, FTP, HTTPS, and the cloud storage. It also supports secure connection as evident by support of SFTP and HTTPS. Preferences include quite a few options so you can tweak the program just right.

When browsing the website for the program, you learn that the program supports turbo charged file transfers, with upload or download speed of up to 4.6 GB/min on 1GBit networks. I guess in the future when 1 GBit networks are common, this will be a nifty function, until then I actually would be impressed to see 4.6 GB/min on our regular 100 Mbit networks.

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Joshua Wrightwood
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  • FTP support
  • Plug-in compatibility
  • File previewing
  • Multiple protocols, including cloud storage
  • Turbo-charged file transfers


  • May fail to access a server


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