FoxTrot Professional Search

FoxTrot Professional Search 6.6

FoxTrot Professional Search extends far beyond OS X's buit-in Spotlight...

FoxTrot Professional Search is an easy-to-use tool developed by CTM Development in order to help Mac users to find valuable content more easily. It comes with a powerful built-in tool that allows the users to retrieve text-based information from PDF and HTML files, which is known to be quite difficult to obtain automatically. This feature-rich application provides accurate details of the searched item/word, and provides the search by author, tag, location, file-type and language. The interface is well-organized and the menu will grant Mac users quick access to all of the features. The tool comes with a "Quick look" mode, which allows the users to zoom in a document, making it easier for the users to read and find the desired information or content. The Preview mode enlarges the main window, and offers some extra details about the files (created date, size, type and modified date). The customization menu only refers to general settings and some settings for the system menu, and does not offer any appearance customizing tools.

All taken into consideration, FoxTrot Professional Search is a handy tool for finding valuable content over the Internet or in one's Mac; it comes with a well-organized menu and appealing interface.

Dave Hattey
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  • Powerful searching tool
  • Appealing interface


  • Poor customization
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