Intego Backup Express 1.4

Create backups of files from a variety of sources.
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Work with extended backup capabilities on your Mac. Run a scan of various types of files on a hard drive, an external disc, a DVD, a network volume accessible from your machine, etc. Create custom scripts and set backup schedules for the system and different processes.

Intego Backup Express is the powerful, flexible backup program from Intego, the Mac security expert. Backup Express goes beyond your Mac's built-in backup capability, allowing you to back up your valuable files to external hard drives, DVDs, network volumes and more.
Create backup scripts and set schedules so your backups run automatically, or run your scripts with a single click. Run incremental backups so only new and changed files get copied. And synchronize folders and volumes between a desktop Mac and a laptop.
Intego Backup Express can back up files from your home folder, or disks or volumes for which you have permissions, to most media, including:
Partitions or volumes on your hard drive
External hard drives
Removable media, such as USB key drives
CDs or DVDs
Network volumes
AirPort disks (hard disks connected to Apple's AirPort Extreme or Time Capsule base station)
An iDisk (available with Apple's MobileMe service)
An iPod (if it offers hard disk mode)
Disk images
Backup Express offers the following features:
Drag and drop backups
Easy backup script creation
Scheduled backups
Full or incremental backups
Multiple versions in backups
Synchronization of folders or volumes
Exclude files, folders or specific file types
Fast, reliable restorations
Backs up to all types of volumes, such as hard drives (HFS/HFS+/UFS), AppleShare servers, Windows shares (samba), NFS servers, FTP and SFTP servers, iDisks, iPods, disk images and more
Automatic mount and dismount of network volumes
Backups can run in the background
Data copied in its original format allows immediate recovery in case of accidental loss

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