ApplePi-Baker 2.2

Transform devices into a Raspberry Pi NOOBS disk with minimal effort.
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ApplePi-Baker is a macOS application, developed by Tweaking4All, that allows users to copy an image file to an SD card and transform it into a Raspberry Pi NOOBS disk. Another great use of this app is the ability to create and restore an IMG backup of USB drives.

The application installs quickly and easily, with just a few mouse clicks. When you enter the app, you notice immediately that it has properly delimited sections that make the menu navigation more intuitive. The menu icons look nicely polished, but there are moments when button responsiveness is slow.

As for its capabilities, the application comes with a Disk eject feature that lets individuals manually refresh the list to view the latest changes. It also integrates Apple Disk Arbitration, a function capable of minimizing the load on the computer's resources. ApplePi-Baker can support IMG and ISO files and is able to generate ZIP, GZip, or 7Zip archives.

Overall, the app has very few minuses and includes multiple useful features. It is not intended to be used by novices, mainly because it doesn't have documentation or help tutorials.

John Saunders
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  • Has nicely polished icons
  • Integrates Apple Disk Arbitration
  • Comes with a Disk eject feature


  • Has slow button responsiveness
  • Lacks a documentation manual
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