Intaglio 3.9

Traditional drawing and illustration application exclusively for OS X.
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Intaglio is a nice 2D drawing utility designed for the Mac OS X system only.
Though at a first glance it may not seem to be a very complex drawing application, it offers quite a large set of tools to work with. Where the drawing tools are concerned, the user can choose between the freehand tool and predefined shapes, among which the star and the Bezier curve polygon tool are present. The shapes can be filled with colors or textures, however it seems that both actions cannot be performed on the same shape at once. The borders of the shapes can be modified in color and in width, they can be dotted and arrows can be added to them. Work on different layers is permitted and actions such as to duplicate or translate items can be performed. Measurement and dimension tools are also available and the printable page size can be verified and customized. The end result can be saved under different formats, among which JPEG, GIF, EPS, PDF, PICT, PNG, TIFF, TGA, SGI.
Intaglio is a drawing utility that offers enough flexibility to users through its tools, so that they can draw freely according to their needs and preferences.

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  • Drawing on separate layers is permitted
  • Some nice tools and functions: measurement tool, dimension tool, add light source, add texture, set drawing size, duplicate item, translate item, shear item


  • It appears that one cannot fill a shape with color and also texturize it, a choice must be made between the two
  • No paint brush tool was found


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