ESP GhostScript

ESP GhostScript 7.07

Open source GhostScript interpreter
7.07.1 (See all)
Robert Krawitz

ESP Ghostscript (ESPGS) is an open-source PostScript interpreter derived from GNU Ghostscript. This package is required; it provides full support for printing from Carbon applications in Mac OS X (there is no need to install this package more than once).
What's new in this version:
Updated to GNU Ghostscript 7.07. The CUPS pstoraster script put a space between the -c option and the color profile code, causing an initialization error. The CUPS driver generated a lookup table that would omit certain values due to rounding errors in the Ghostscript graphics library (STR #136) The psmono and psgray drivers produced shrinked output (STR #6) The SPARCprinter driver did n...

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