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Retrieves the track played in iTunes and looks up for covers in Google.
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If your music tracks have no cover, then IGCover is just the tool that you need; what the application does is retrieve the current track played in iTunes and after locating the cover you need, it embeds it. What's more, this is completely free of charge.

IGCover has a robust and intuitive interface making it very simple to use. If your iTunes player is running, the application will extract the artist, album and title details. Input key words into the Search String box and IGCover will look-up covers in Google Search Images. It also includes an image previewer and will display the resolution parameters of each picture as well as the current cover of the audio file played in iTunes.

Optionally, users may opt to search and set cover only for the selected music track.

IGCover is ideal for all Mac OS X users looking for covers for their music albums; it saves considerable time otherwise spent searching for images and embedding them with specialized tools. Also, this is free to use making it a very appealing software solution.

Rory Shaffer
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