iFind 5.1

Improve the effectiveness of search results with this desktop tool.

If you are tired of having to go through endless search engine pages to find out the information you need, then iFind is just the tool for you; the application provides simple and effective means of searching the web; it is especially designed for multiple word queries.

What iFind does is add inverted commas to the search words (for example "top 2012 movies"), effectively filtering results. The application supports a wide range of popular search engines services like Google, Bing, Alta Vista, AOL, Yahoo, Facebook, Yandex and many more.

Users may also specify up to three custom search formulas, which later appear in front of the query. For every search performed, iFind will remember the last entered query making it easier to lookup information online.

Another important feature is the multiple search functionality; all you have to do is select the search engines and select Multiple from the drop-down menu.

iFind should save plenty of user time when working with search engines and considering it is straight on the desktop, it becomes easily accessible.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Accurate search engine results
  • Time saving
  • Simple to use


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