iFax 3.1

Receive, create, and send faxes anywhere in the world.

Forwarding a fax to another user is safer than sending an email as it reduces the risks of sharing viruses or malware. Unfortunately, Mac OS X doesn't provide you with a default utility for sending or receiving faxes on your computer. For this reason, programs like iFax were created.

The application brings you a user-friendly interface, allows you to attach documents or pictures to your faxes, and gives you access to multiple fax templates. Furthermore, it provides you with a built-in search utility that helps you immediately find the country where you need to send faxes to.

Another important advantage is the fact that it supports multiple formats when it comes to attaching files to your faxes. You can import the following types of files: PDF, PNG, JPEG, BMP or TIF.

My only problem with this application is that you need to pay in order to send faxes. The prices depend on the types of faxes you wish to send (for example, a one-page fax sent to Germany costs about 1 Euro). Some of the fees are a bit expensive. You can find cheaper solutions for sending text content to other people.

In conclusion, I don't think it's worth installing this utility on your Mac. There are plenty of cheap and safe solutions for sharing information online.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Supports drag-and-drop actions
  • Allows you to attach documents and images to faxes
  • Lets you choose between multiple fax templates


  • You need to pay certain amount of money for sending different types of faxes
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