CoMa X

CoMa X 8.7

Manage your voice and fax communications from a single application.

CoMa X is intended to manage your communications from a single application. In this respect, the tool can work as an answering machine as well as receive and send faxes. The application needs a modem device to be connected to your computer as it does not support sending faxes or receiving calls via Internet. Since the possibilities to send or receive faxes depend on the type of modem you are using, it is a good idea to check if your hardware is supported first.

Regrettably, the application has a cluttered and dated interface, which reminds me that of similar tools of the 90s. There is a main window from which you can open many other additional windows, which sometimes makes it difficult to navigate.

In relation to receiving and sending faxes, Coma X has some advantages. For instance, it can display incoming pages without previous processing. Likewise, it can send poll requests. Good news is that it can redirect faxes as PDF via email depending on the reception time.

When used as an answering machine, Coma X lets you record different voice messages. Thus, instead of replying every calls with the same message, it can play customized messages according to various rules, which include weekday, time and caller ID. Similarly, the app can redirect incoming calls to different phones based on similar rules. Another possibility is to select voice messages randomly. Although it automatically converts the recorded messages to the AIFF audio format, the process not always is performed properly so the sound may be get distorted.

In general, Coma X comes in handy if you need to manage lots of phone calls and faxes. Unfortunately, it is my opinion that the application still needs some work, mainly in terms of interface design. You should also know that the product may turn out more expensive than expected as each module must be purchased separately.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports sending customized faxes
  • Displays faxed documents on the fly
  • Allows replying calls based on rules
  • Supports various types of modems


  • Audio conversion may distort messages
  • Cluttered and dated interface
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