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Icon Cast offers over 1,000 beautiful icons for web designers...
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Anna Slovackova

Icon Cast offers over 1,000 beautiful icons for web designers, developers, UX designers or just about anyone who needs clear usable icons in few seconds. Unlike static icon sets Icon Cast enables you to instantly customize the color style of icons. You can go for monochrome style or take advantage of up to three different colors. When you change the color style all found icons are immediately redrawn to match the new style. Icon Cast keeps you in the flow and gives you any icon in just few steps: Search by keywords super-fast Choose any icon you like Click to copy the right resolution to your clipboard Use in any application just by pressing ?V Features super fast search keyboard shortcuts for even faster workflow all icons available without Internet connection consistent icons that fit nicely together commonly used composite icons sizes from handcrafted 16 to 1024 pixels suitable for retina and print all icons are transparent PNGs blending nicely with any background

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