Pomodoro Timer 1.5

It helps you implement the Pomodoro technique in your daily activities.
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Pomodoro Timer helps you implement the Pomodoro technique in your daily activities. The tool splits your work into regular time intervals separated by periodical breaks. According to this time management method, you will work more efficiently and achieve better results while smartly alternating clearly-defined working periods with rather frequent breaks.

The application installs as a small icon on the menu bar so that you can enable the provided timer whenever necessary. Optionally, you can set the program to appear in Dock for easier access. Either way, managing the tool's features is a hassle-free task. You can select the number of pomodoros you wish to complete during the day, the length of the working intervals and the duration of both short and long breaks. When the pomodoro time goes off, the task completion notification is perceived both visually and acoustically. You may choose among six predefined alarms to inform you about the break you need to take, but, unfortunately, you can neither add your personal music files as custom alarms nor control the volume sound.

With simple timing options to configure, this application allows you to make the most of the Pomodoro technique. At the end of the tasks you planned to complete, you will be pleased to notice that your productivity has highly improved while, surprisingly, you feel less tired.

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  • Can determine the number of pomodoros
  • Can reset pomodoros automatically
  • Ability to pause and resume the current timer at any moment


  • Can't add custom alarms
  • No volume slider


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