HeadsUp - Webcam Viewer

HeadsUp - Webcam Viewer 3.0

Access webcams in your system and control their work.
3.0.2 (See all)
Enable the streaming of video content via the webcam of your choice. Detect the compatible devices in your system and check the possible quality settings. Optimize the streaming and display of web videos based on the processing power of your Mac and the type of online connection.

We have an exciting new version that we were planning on releasing by now - but has been delayed. Do to this delay we are temporarily reducing the price to free to make up for the bug with external cams. Tell your friends to get the app now, everyone who downloads the app while free will automatically be updated to the new version coming out shortly with full multi-cam support, multi-window support, and better graphics.
HeadsUp is a simple utility for screen recording or presentations. HeadsUp displays your iSight, FaceTime, or webcam feed directly on your desktop.
To assist with presentations HeadsUp will always stay on top of other windows, desktops, or screens. If you need to access windows or interact with any contact hidden by HeadsUp just hold down ⌘ and HeadsUp becomes completely transparent allowing you to view and click through the window.

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