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HandBrake is a powerful video and audio file converter.
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HandBrake is a powerful video and audio file converter. It is simply the best tool that you can use to convert your video files to MPEG-4 and x264 with Mac. Handbrake does not seem like it can do much, but I don't think I have seen a better converter for Windows or Mac before.

Handbrake was made to convert video files to other formats. It is not a burner or DVD copier. It has a variety of features that make converting files an easy task. For example, when you first open the application, it will ask for a source file, because it knows that that is what you want to do. After the file is loaded, which is almost instant, you can already add the file to the queue and start converting, and the application will convert the file to an MP4 file. You can also choose from a few conversion profiles. If you are an iPod or iPhoe user, you have conversion profiles for those. After a profile has been selected (which selects a conversion format and standard quality settings for you), you can go ahead and customize your settings. You can change the quality of the video by specifying a target size or, if you really know what you are doing, you can specify an average bitrate in kbps. You can then go ahead and change the audio settings or add new audio tracks. After that, you can add subtitles.

The latest version of Handbrake has the lastest improvements to the x264 technology, which allows for faster conversion, and great file size-quality ratios. If you are converting more than one file, all you need to do is set the settings for the first and then add the rest and add them to the queue. You can even launch a preview window which will carry out a preview encode for you to see the final quality without having to wait for the encoding. Handbrake also supports 64-bit processing, so you can unleash the full power of your Mac.

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