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SubFix is a utility that lets you fix the timing in a subtitle file.
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SubFix is a utility that lets you fix the timing in a subtitle file. It has happened to me many times that I download a subtitle and it is out of sync with a video file. Most applications that can be used to adjust your subtitle's synchronization require you to adjust every line of a text, and this can be very time-consuming, especially if your video file is long. SubFix can carry out this task automatically, and it is very easy to use. When you first launch the application, and after you have loaded a subtitle file, you will see two different panes side by side. Each pane will contain different subtitle lines. The one on the left contains lines from the beginning of the file and the one on the right involves lines from the end. At the bottom of the screen, you will see fields where you see the timing of each subtitle line that is selected. All you have to do to synchronize a subtitle with your video file is to manually type in the correct value for one subtitle on the left pane and one on the right pane. With that information, SubFix will take care of all the remaining lines.

I tested this app last night when I needed to synchronize a SRT file, and it worked like a charm. A built-in video player would make the task much easier. But since the app is free, I can't complain much and I am grateful that it works so well.

José Fernández
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