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An easy-to-use manager for repositories with full repository history support.
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Gitbox is an easy-to-use manager for Git repositories and is developed by Oleg Andreev. It comes with an appealing interface and an easy-to-use menu that will grant the Mac users quick access to all of the features. It basically offers a fast way to view, edit and clone your repositories. It comes with a fast and accurate synchronization tool that will automatically update the files and details in order to get full information about the repositories.

This feature-rich application allows the users to automatically ignore some repositories, like the ones with inappropriate content or language, depending on the user's choice. This can save precious time from having to sort the results while searching for specific information. The manager also integrates some well-known tools like: Kaleidoscope, Changes, FileMerge and others; just go to preferences window and install the command line utility. The application does not burden the Mac, so it can be run while using other applications simultaneous. It lacks on customization tools, the only changes the Mac users are allowed to make are the ones regarding the integration of various tools and some Git settings.

All taken into consideration, it is safe to say that Gitbox is an easy-to-use manager for repositories, and it provides accurate and detailed information about the history of the repositories.

Dave Hattey
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  • Modern look with well organized menu
  • Accurate repository history manager


  • Lacks customization
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