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Free The Garden with Insight garden simulator is an educational simulation.
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The Garden with Insight garden simulator is an educational simulation that uses weather, soil, and plant growth models to simulate a simple garden in an open-ended microworld setting. You can plant vegetables and grow them to learn more about plants, the soil, the weather, gardening, and science.
The garden window is the program's main window, where you open and save files, look at and tend your garden, and access other windows. In the garden window you use tools that look and act like their real counterparts to tend soil patches and 3D plants. The tools include a shovel, hoe, pitchfork, watering can, seed packet, magnifying glass, and bag, and two special tools: a magic wand and the growcorder (which is like a meter). You can create your own tools. You can change the backdrop picture to any picture you draw or scan, or use no picture at all.

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