Free Solitaire!

Free Solitaire!

This app lets you play Solitaire on your Mac computer.

Free Solitaire! is a simple Mac application that lets you play the Klondike card game on your computer. You can use this program whenever you take a break from your work, just relax at home or wish to put your card playing skills to the test on your PC.

I like the fact that the application allows you to change the background image of the board, opt for another card deck model, adjust autoplay speed, and much more. Another good thing about this app is that it doesn't provide you with hints making the levels even more challenging than they already are.

By checking the Autoplay To Foundations option from the main window of the app you set the program to automatically play cards to the foundations for you.

However, the game comes with the following flaw: it doesn't let you change between difficulty levels. Some of the card matches might prove to be too difficult to a few beginner players.

To conclude, Free Solitaire! is an entertaining card game that gives you access to various Klondike levels. The app provides you with plenty of display and sound options, keeps track of your gameplay statistics, and comes without a price.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Gives you access to various game options
  • Comes with plenty of Solitaire levels


  • Unable to change the difficulty level
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