Wiz Solitaire 2.31

25+ solitaire games for endless fun on the go. Ideal for relaxing and passing time.
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A perfect game for your moments of relaxation with over 25 different types of solitaire, including classics like Klondike, Free Cell, and Spider. Whether you're waiting for a dentist appointment or sitting through a long work presentation, the collection is the ideal way to pass the time without getting bored.

Wiz Solitaire is the ideal game for all your relax moments.
Containing more than 25 kinds of solitaire, including the usual classics like Klondike, Free Cell, Spider..., it will grant you endless hours of fun. Perfect to while the time away while waiting for your dentist appointment, or to endure those looong presentations at work without falling to sleep. :-)
Other features of Wiz Solitaire include:
* More than 25 types of solitaire including: Baker's Dozen, Black Hole, Canfield, Chinese Solitaire, Cruel, Diplomat, Eagle Wing, Forty Thieves, Free Cell, Gaps, Golf, Josephine, Klondike, La Belle Lucie, Monte Carlo, Mount Sunflower, Napoleon's Tomb, Osmosis, Putt Putt, Pyramid, Rouge et Noir, Scorpion, Seahaven, Spider, St Helena, Streets, The Fan, Trefoil, TriPeaks, Wasp, Yukon
* Detailed statistics
* Unlimited undo
* "Suggest a move" function: useful when you're stuck and/or you're learning a new game
* Save games and resume them later
* Resizable window and full screen support: you can adapt the game to your screen resolution. Ideal for those big iMacs :)

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