Bingo Caller 5.0

Free Generate and print number sheets for a bingo game.
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Organize a party and play Bingo with friends and family members. Display called numbers in a yellow background, tweak the calling speed, choose the Winning Pattern using a drop-down menu, enable and disable sound. Save, export, and print multiple Bingo sheets.

Bingo Caller provides everything you need to run a Bingo party (for entertainment only). This game includes a Flash Display of all possible numbers (called numbers are displayed bolded and in a different color), a pull-down menu to select the Winning Pattern (you can also make a Winning Pattern manually), the Winning Pattern display, a display of the last called number and controls. Audio is supported. The voice is the System voice (uses settings in System Preferences/Speech/Text to Speech). You can print an endless supply of Bingo sheets, each with four unique and numbered patterns. Settings for audio (on/off), calling speed, and Bingo sheet numbering are saved between sessions. Bingo Caller is $10 shareware; you can try Bingo Caller in Demo Mode for five minutes per launch. Registration removes this time limit. If you use Lion (10.7.xx) or Mountain Lion (10.8.xx) and prefer that numbers be called in another language, you might want to try a voice in that language. For example, you could go to System Preferences > Speech > Text to Speech > System Voice > Customize, download Javier (Spanish - Mexico) and select that system voice to hear called numbers in Spanish. New voices are free.

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