FREE Guitar Tuner

FREE Guitar Tuner 1.0

Tune up your guitar with a choice of multiple tunings.

If you need to practice alongside your band, then your guitar must be perfectly tuned up; what's more, if you want to practice multiple tracks, each with its own tuning, it may become a bit tiresome to do this manually. With FREE Guitar Tuner, users can tune their guitar quickly and even elegantly straight from the comfort of their desktop and free of charge.

The application employs a well designed interface available in the form of a vintage guitar amplifier; all you have to do is select a tuning mode and press the knobs associated to the chords. It includes the standard guitar tuning mode (EADGBE), drop D as well as other popular ones like DADGAD, open D, open G, open C and low C.

For each knob, the sound accurately corresponds to an acoustic guitar chord; it will play the chord continuously as long as the knob is switched.

This utility is ideal for quick guitar tuning tasks and for tracks requiring different alternative tuning modes; it's straightforward to use, effective and free.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Simple and effective design
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