FLIR Tools

FLIR Tools 2.1

Analyze and generates reports on the content of thermal photos.
2.1 (See all)
Analyze infrared images taken using a FLIR camera. The suite imports photos as JPEG files via USB or from an SD card and features searching, filtering and previewing options. Access to thermal tune level and span, emissivity settings, reflective temperature, distance, relative humidity, atmospheric temperature, GPS coordinates are provided.

FLIR Tools is a software specifically designed to provide an easy way to analyze infrared images and create inspection reports.

Examples of what you can do in FLIR Tools include the following:

· Import images from your camera to your computer.
· Search for images.
· Lay out, move, and resize measurement tools on any infrared image.
· Create PDF reports for images of your choice.
· Add headers, footers, and logos to reports.

Note: FLIR Tools is shipped with a number of sample images. However, to take full advantage of FLIR Tools you need access to a Flir infrared camera.

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