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Free FitnessCalculator is a BMI, RPE, and heart rate reference.
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FitnessCalculator is a BMI, RPE, and heart rate reference. It can calculate a body mass index based on an input height, weight, and sex, and it can also calculate the “maximum heart rate” for an input age and sex. It provides tables for target heart rates and rates of perceived exertion. Metric and imperial units are both supported for BMI calculation.

In addition to the features listed above, there’s an interactive slider that provides subjective indicators of RPE. This turns out to be essential because the table provided below with more succinct descriptions is almost too small to read, with no way to enlarge the window. It’s also questionable how useful it is to know RPE and maximum heart rate without any context provided. Still, the BMI calculator is perfectly valid, although that could also be better - switching between metric and imperial units (the only setting available in “User Settings”) does not automatically convert numbers already entered, making for some absurd figures if you forget to convert one of the fields yourself.

Sam’s Protip: Stay healthy with regular exercise. Otherwise your significant other will bug you...

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  • Provides graphical representations of several health-related measurements


  • Does not provide the context for those measurements that would make them useful



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