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Download and manage multiple music tracks.
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Work with a music download manager for Mac devices. Bypass unnecessary search and access steps and directly capture the tracks from official sources of audio content. Integrate the downloaded items with your iTunes library. Remove and replace individual tracks.

The easiest way to download lots of music - cut out the most annoying steps it takes to start listening to your music downloads. Download Songs sends the music you download from the internet to iTunes for you. When you download music from your email, websites, or anywhere else, your songs end up in different places all over your computer, demanding a bunch of tedious steps you need to do before you can play your songs in iTunes. Now, downloading lots of music is easy - just start your downloads from anywhere and Download Songs will get your songs into itunes for you. You can use our quick music search to make sure you find the music you want too!
Download Songs watches any folders that you choose-- when it sees new mp3s, it imports them into iTunes.  It makes your downloading much less tedious!  
This is one of the easiest ways to download music.
Here's what it does:
• Watches folders and adds any new mp3s to iTunes
• Automatically unzips zip files and move mp3s into iTunes
• Adds to iTunes with or without interrupting what's currently playing (your choice!)
• Deletes downloaded mp3s after they are imported (if you have iTunes set to copy your music into your iTunes directory)
• Menu item or Hotkey for built-in Google search
If you buy music in your web browser, if you read music blogs, if you download from music services or transfer files from FTP clients-- Download Songs will take out the repetitive, annoying steps and will get your music right into iTunes.
Don't keep wasting your time opening your Downloads folder, dragging files around, searching for duplicates, etc.  Skip all these annoying steps. You have life to live and music to listen to!
Need to find music first? Download Songs helps you look for it. It puts a handy search in your menubar (or use the handy hotkey) - this integrated fast search lets you queue up album after album, just click on songs you want and Download Songs does the rest.
Download Songs makes downloading music happen fast, easily, and super simple!

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