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Counts down the time to improve your productivity.

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Horo is a simple timekeeping application that counts down the time on determined tasks to improve your productivity. You can enable multiple time sessions which will be placed right there at hand in the menu bar of your Mac for easy access.

The utility is very easy to use. It opens with a minimalist user interface that supports setting the timer in various ways. Therefore, the clock timer can be set to count down hours, minutes, and seconds. In addition, you have the ability to determine the precise time of the day when the timer should go off. In such a case, the hour of the day will be preceded by the '@' sign. Furthermore, the tool allows you to use hashtags for your tasks so you can easily remember the activities for which the timers were enabled. If the time input remains blank, a stopwatch will be started the moment you press 'Go'. At the end of each time session, a sound alert will notify you that the time has elapsed. Unfortunately, you can change the default sound of the alarm unless you upgrade to the pro version.

To conclude, Horo is a simple time tracking tool that works both as a countdown timer and a stopwatch. Enabling multiple timers is supported, yet not as tasks within the same window but as independent time counters.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Counts down time
  • Supports hashtags
  • Notifies the end of a time session
  • Can enable multiple timers


  • Can't change the sound alert
  • Doesn't support shortcuts
  • No pre-alert to notify you that time session is about to end