DivX Converter

DivX Converter

DivX converter is a video file converter for the Mac.
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DivX Converter is a video file converter for the Mac. It is a part of the Divx 7 for Mac bundle, and it has a 15-day trial. If you want to use it during those 15 days, you can purchase the DivX Pro suite for Mac. The converter accepts input files in three different formats: DivX, AVI, and Quicktime, and it outputs .divx files.

The converter has conversion profiles that you have to use to convert your files, the most noteworthy are 720p, 1080p, and Home Theater. They are pretty self-explanatory. 720p and 1080p output files at very high resolutions for playback in HD-capable devices. The Home Theater profile does the same but with standard definition and advanced audio settings. But, you can change the settings of every profile. There is a preview window that will allow you to gauge your settings before the actual encoding process.

The conversion process works well and the quality of files that you can get is absolutely remarkable. However, as I mentioned in my review of DivX Player, this application has a look and feel that don't play nice with the Mac. In other words, the application isn't native and it certainly doesn't look that way. I like this one better than the player, though converter hanged and crashed a few times while testing.

All in all, if you have to convert files for playback on DivX-certified devices, you can't go wrong with DivX Converter. There are other solutions out there as well, but this is the official one.

José Fernández
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  • Files converted with it are guaranteed to play on DivX certified devices
  • Good quality files


  • Buggy
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