OTRDecoderX 0.98

OTRDecoderX decodes files from OnlineTVRecorder.
0.98 (See all)

OTRDecoderX decodes files from OnlineTVRecorder. Unlike the official decoders, it features an easy to use, graphical user interface.
Download OTRDecoderX.
Launch OTRDecoderX and open its preferences. Enter the e-mail address and the password that you use to login at www.onlinetvrecorder.com.
Record a broadcast at www.onlinetvrecorder.com and download its otrkey-file afterwards.
Before watching, the otrkey-file must be decoded. That is, OTRDecoderX must convert it to a movie file (avi). There are three possible ways to achieve this:
Double clicking the otrkey-file will open it with OTRDecoderX. Decoding will start instantly.
Drag and drop the otrkey-file onto OTRDecoderX. For convenience, OTRDecoderX can be added to the dock.
Using the menu item "Open" in OTRDecoderX to choose the otrkey-file.
After the decoding process successfully ended, you will find an avi-file in the folder of the decoded otrkey-file. This file can be watched for example using VLC. (Perian enables QuickTime to do this.)
In case of an error, OTRDecoderX will play a sound and display a notification. The detailed error message can be found in the error log and should always be included when asking for help.

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