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Edit and print music scores, learn music by yourself and practice composition.
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Pizzicato is intended for music students and professional musicians. It comes in different versions, and depending on the one you choose, this tool may be used to edit and print music scores, learn music by yourself and practice composition. The product has lots of documentation and there are even courses that teach you how to use it.

The app has a neat interface, although it looks somewhat outdated. Most of its main window is dedicated to showing the music sheet in a realistic style. Moreover, there is a panel on the left that organizes your scores in a tree view. It is excellent news there is a virtual music typewriting keyboard that allows typing notes directly on the sheet, just the way you type a text document. Thus, to add a note, you need to click on that specific key and then click on the intended staff, and the app will adjust the position automatically.

Pizzicato can interpret your scores and generate MIDI output, for you to have a way to monitor what you are doing. Likewise, it is possible to export your creation to a MIDI file or save it in MusicXML format. Depending on the version you choose, other features may be available, such as importing MIDI and STY files, accessing a library of vectorial melodies, drawing graphic music vectors as well as extracting and creating new music libraries from existing MIDI files.

Additionally, this tool supports working with WAV files, which you can open, listen to, record and edit. Fortunately, there is the possibility to export scores to WAV files, which you can convert to other formats or burn on a disc. Similarly, you can associate one or several WAV files with a score and then add your instrument or your voice via microphone.

There are a few features found in similar apps, which Pizzicato does not support. For instance, it does not seem to be able to interpret lyrics using text-to-speech engines.

All in all, Pizzicato is a well-thought application available in a wide range of versions for different levels and instruments, comprising Light, Beginner, Notation, Guitar, Choir, Soloist, Drums and Percussion, Keyboard, Composition Light, Composition Pro and Professional. You should be aware that prices range from approximately 17 to 228 dollars. Luckily, the demo lets you choose the version you would like to try.

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  • Lots of help documentation, including courses
  • Music typewriting keyboard
  • Automatic adjustment of note positions
  • Generates MIDI output
  • Supports saving sounds in MIDI and WAV formats
  • Compatible with STY files
  • Library of vectorial melodies
  • Supports drawing graphic music vectors
  • Lets you associate WAV files with a score


  • May lack some features present in other similar apps


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