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Hide desktop icons, force empty Trash, and restart Finder.
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DesktopUtility is a Mac program that provides you with a quick way to complete several system-related tasks. It helps you immediately force empty Trash, restart Mac tools like Finder, Dock or Menu Bar, hide desktop icons, reveal the Library directory, and show hidden files.

Before using any of this tool's features, you first need to grant it permission to a folder located within your Mac (Applescripts are located in that directory). Then, you can go to the Preferences panel of the utility to define global hotkeys for immediately completing all of the aforementioned tasks.

In my testing, the program worked flawlessly as it finished any given task within moments and didn't slow down the performance of my Mac.

The only feature I'd add would be an option to hide all windows from my desktop. This capability might come in handy if you want to immediately start recording your screen without having to manually minimize every single window from your desktop. At the moment, the program can only hide your desktop icons.

All in all, DesktopUtility is a utility that works 100%, requires minimum Mac experience, and comes without a price. I'd say it's worth giving it a try.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Fast processing speed
  • Lets you define various shortcut keys
  • Uses minimum CPU resources


  • Lacks an option to also hide every window from desktop
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