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Desktop Curtain 3.0

This app displays a curtain or image on top of your Desktop icons and apps.
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When working on a project you can easily get distracted by other running applications or popup chat windows on your desktop and lose your concentration. Desktop Curtain is a program that offers you a simple solution to help you avoid this from happening by displaying a stylized curtain on your screen and hiding the Desktop icons and apps.

The application lets you display a nicely drawn curtain on your Desktop, change its color according to your needs, and even use one of your personal photos as a screen background. You can set the curtain or image as a wallpaper, over the Desktop icons or behind the front-most window.

A thing I like about this program is that it also allows you to place the curtain behind the front-most app and hiding all icons and running tools from your sight. This way, you can focus only on the application you're working with.

Another advantage of this utility is that it lets you set shortcut keys that enable curtain's visibility or isolate the front-most window.

To conclude, Desktop Curtain proves to be a smart addition to my collection of apps as it helps me focus on my work and hides everything from my desktop. The tool is very simple to configure, uses a small amount of CPU resources, and comes with a fair price.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Lets you use personal photos as desktop curtain
  • Keeps track of your last 10 used images
  • Allows you to set shortcut keys for various actions
  • Brings a comprehensive help manual


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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