Deluge 1.3

An open-source BitTorrent client to share contents with others.
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Deluge is a BitTorrent client that helps you take advantage of this P2P protocol to share data with others. In this regard, the tool is excellent for preserving your privacy as the data travels in an encrypted form that is quite undecipherable for third-parties.

Its interface is quite similar to that of a file downloader, except that transfers occur both as input and output, which means that, while you are downloading data, you may be as well sharing your files with others (seeding). Moreover, you can manage your transfers by establishing priorities, monitoring their speed as well as the number of available seeders.

In terms of features, Deluge is not very different from other BitTorrent clients. Thus, it supports LSD (Local Peer Discovery), PEX (Peer Exchange), UPnP and NAT-PMP. Likewise, it lets you connect through a proxy. Besides, if you fear the tool may interfere with your Internet browsing speed, you can set limits to the use of your bandwidth. What is more, you can schedule bandwidth use in such a way that the heavier traffic occurs when you are not using the computer. Another convenient feature is disk cashing, which increases connection speeds.

Luckily, the program supports expanding its functionalities by installing plugins from a huge collection available online. In addition to its desktop interface, the tool’s features are also accessible through its web interface as well as the command line.

To conclude, Deluge is a powerful and stable BitTorrent client, which is fortunately free to use. It is a shame though, that, although Deluge is available for various operating systems, the latest version of this product (2.0.3) is not available for MacOS yet.

Pedro Castro
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  • Three different interfaces
  • Cross-platform
  • Supports using proxies
  • Bandwidth scheduling
  • Disk cashing


  • The latest version is not available for MacOS yet
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